Monday, July 12, 2010

Yikes! That lighting was terrible!

So, the lighting was pretty terrible in the last post-- so I took a few more photos today in order to admire the finished (?) product... I didn't get to painting the shelf edges (you will see why in my next post) but that last photo was so yellow--so I was compelled to post a few more.

Take note of the open space on the wall in the last photo. I am not exactly sure how I will fill it... Thoughts, anyone?


  1. I think that the inside of the cabinets should be gray on the back and white . . . I didn't think so when you look at the cabinet alone - but I do on the whole kitchen shot.


  2. I totally missed this comment! I don't know about gray on the back-- but was considering mirorring the color of the walls. Thoughts on that?

  3. Hello firstenberger family/Krummel family!!!

    My 2 cents...I think you should paint the front of the shelves white, in fact, paint the shelves white as a whole. Then I think I like the idea of painting the back of the cabinets the same color as the wall. That way they sort of look like they are floating.

    Am I too late to have an opinion?

    Melissa...the cool one out of eileen's friends