Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My new chairs...

Happened upon this Chair on Layla Grace for $1800! Now, I know it's not an exact match--but I'm extra pleased with my purchase.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wrigley is coping with the "new" sofa...

Old sofa...going going GONE!

We posted it on Craigslist and kicked it to the curb (read: heaved it out there--that thing was a BEAST!). We were completely panicking when evening rolled around and the only activity it elicited was some neighborhood children messing up the slip cover and stealing my pretty "free!" sign. When no one had nabbed it by 9:30 last night I was even more worried worried. But it was gone this morning! Hooray!

New chairs!

I fiiiiiinally settled on some new chairs. Got the pair for a hundo. They are in almost brand new condition, are soft as can be, and only sliiiiiightly clash with my sofa. Here they are photographed with and without the rig and with various pillows I already have about the house. Not sure I love any of them with the chairs...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Revere pewter by Sherwin Williams

I cant tell you how pleased I an to be (almost!) rid of the cream color in every room of our house. So, pictured is revere pewter in the hallways. I still need to paint the banisters and the steps (shiny black?)...and will the carpet come up too?

Labrador blue by Benjamin Moore

Labrador Blue!

Here is a photo of the Labrador blue in daylight. Note the awful ceiling tiles that will soon be a project too. Sigh.

Let there be color!

Two days of painting and finally some progress. Photo of bedroom (Sherwin Williams: window pane), hall (Benjamin Moore: revere pewter), small bedroom (Benjamin Moore: Labrador blue).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy busy busssssssy and bossy....

So, as the title implies I have been very busy for the past couple of days, favoring multiple projects as opposed to just one. I should be focusing on cutting up all of my old carpet into small pieces to throw in the trash... but instead I decided to paint!

Certainly not the color pictured here, but some other BOLD colors! Ok, one semi bold color and one neutral and I haven't gotten to the BOLD color yet (thank you Sherwin Williams for your 30% off sale!). The dining room is a deeeeeep rich teal. I can't wait to see it on the wall.

Also, I am a bit frightened to see it on the wall. But-- hey, I purchased it already, so I may as well see how it looks!

Pictures when the sun is out tomorrow!