Saturday, July 10, 2010

Open open discussion

Ok, so... as we finish up the hardware on the cabinets (Will did all
the drilling), we are trying to decide whether to paint the insides or
not. I almost like the look of keeping them as they are, but can't
quite decide.

Hmm, the rest of my notes disappeared here. Not quite sure what's going on. At any rate, I plan on painting the back "rough" sides of the cabinet shelf fronts to see if that makes a big difference to the overall look. I am also going to look up shelf paper, as if I paint the insides I will need it anyways.


  1. Leave them OPEN, do NOT paint the inside.

  2. I mentioned you in the first post that disappeared. So I knew your vote. You know it's particle board, right? And what about painting the one edge?