Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Powder room conundrum

So, here is our downstairs bathroom-- it is smaaaaall, so therefore difficult to photograph. Here is my conundrum. I plan on putting beadboarding up on the walls (undecided on the wallpaper kind or the large sheeting one. So, I originally wanted it to be a very Tybee type of room-- cool aqua on the walls, the beadboard, crisp white towels, maybe? I planned on painting the cupboard a sheer white so that the wood grain would show through and changing the gold cabibnet hardware to something else.

The main problem is as follows-- I love the photo I have of my main man Hunter Hillenmeyer exactly where he is! So... riddle me this: is it possible to make a "Bears Bathroom" without making it a BEARS BATHROOM? I plan on the beadboard either way... but am reconsidering my original color plans.



  1. Maybe mom can make you a white frame with orange/blue details and you could do everything else how you wanted . . .

  2. Do you think mom would agree to repaint it?

  3. Ps: I tried to post that comment like 8 times. Ok, three or four. But still...