Friday, September 24, 2010

Powder room redo

I took these photos at night, so the color may be slightly off, but Kate had asked me what my "new" powder-room-that-is-actually-a-full-bath re-paint and re-do looks like.

I painted it Sherwin Williams "rainwashed" when I fell in love with the color after I stumbled upon it online on another blog.

As you can see, my recentlly injured boyfriend, Hottie Hillenmeyer is still in his place of honor, though I plan to change out the frame when I find the right one that is not $20! I get very angry paying so much for frames. But unfortunately, I do want a more modern frame: black frame, white mat. I will post a photo when I finally find it.

AND...I got the aluminum Mermaid Bath Salts sign that I have wanted for yeeeears! When I look at this photo, the Rainwashed color looks almost gray-- which it is most definitely NOT... although Will and I both agreed that it looked almost gray on the sample.

Will successfully installed another faucet which you will see below as well. And now that I mention that, I realize that I haven't blogged about how I did another round of paint in the kitchen cabinets after all, and that Will installed out new kitchen faucet. And he did it in such a timely fashion, that I won't hold it against him that it was not my first choice faucet!

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